My Little Pony: Magic is Everywhere

The Mysterious Midnight Sun

Spring Bounce and Lily Love meet a stranger in the Everfree Forest

After a long week of studying, Lily Love and Spring Bounce decided to visit their new friend, Oak Leaf. But when they arrived at her tree house on the edge of the Everfree Forest, nobody was home.

The girls first asked Mr. Chutney if he’d seen her, to no avail. Because Oak Leaf hadn’t left a note, Spring Bounce began to worry that she had fallen into the deepest hole in the world. She cast a spell to see where Oak Leaf was, but instead of a hole, she saw her wearing a cloak and walking through the forest.

Spring Bounce convinced Lily Love and Mr. Chutney to help her search the Everfree Forest. She and Lily Love flew, while Mr. Chutney enchanted his largest cauldron to fly, and they swept over the forest, looking for Oak Leaf. They didn’t find her on their first round, but just as they were about to split up again, they saw somepony in a cloak down below.

They followed the cloaked figure, who ran when they called to her. Flying ahead, the girls surrounded her while Mr. Chutney trotted up casually from behind. The pony was not Oak Leaf. She said that her name was Midnight Sun, and demanded to know why they had blocked the way. The girls said that they had simply wanted to make friends.

Midnight Sun refused to speak with them, slipping past. When the trio tried to follow her, the trees closed up around them and the forest grew dark. When they started to grow scared, they decided to sing a song, “If You’re Happy and You Know It, Clap Your Hooves”.

Soon, Oak Leaf, who had been close by, heard their singing and freed them from the tree trap, asking them to never enter the Everfree Forest without her. When they questioned her about Midnight Sun, Oak Leaf said that she lived somewhere deep in the Everfree Forest. Oak Leaf walked them home and Mr. Chutney cooked everybody dinner.



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