My Little Pony: Magic is Everywhere

Into the Woods

Spring Bounce and Lily Love's favorite field becomes a forest.

Spring Bounce and Lily Love went to play in their favorite place, the field behind Mr. Chutney’s house. To their astonishment, the field was filled with large, spooky-looking trees. It had become part of the Everfree Forest!

The girls couldn’t figure out what had happened to their big, open field. They asked a passing dog, but he just barked at them. They tried chopping down the trees, but even when Spring Bounce used her magic, they grew back just as quickly as she could chop.

Mr. Chutney heard them, and came out to see what was going on. He was surprised by the trees as well. He tried making them come to life and asking them to leave, but only two of the trees responded.

The trio decided they would have to go into the forest to find out what had made it appear. It was very dark and spooky inside. They heard the dog from earlier howling, and thought he was a coyote. The girls tried to scare each other, but Spring Bounce went too far, scaring Lily Love away.

Spring Bounce called to Lily Love, saying she was sorry for scaring her, but it didn’t work. Mr. Chutney suggested they sing a song so that Lily Love could find them. He and Spring Bounce began to sing, and Lily Love heard their song. It made her feel better, and she came out of her hiding place.

Finally, the trio saw a light through the trees. The girls raced ahead to see what it was, and found a house inside a giant oak tree. They knocked on the door, and an Earth Pony named Oak Leaf answered it. She said she had planted the magic trees in their field because she loved trees and thought that everyone else would, too, if she just showed them what they were like.

The girls tried to convince Oak Leaf to turn the forest back into a field so they could play. At first she refused. Spring Bounce used her magic to make Oak Leaf shake and jiggle, but that just made her mad. Lily Love bounced with her while she was shaking, to make her feel happy again. Then she danced in circles with her, to show her that they were her friends.

Mr. Chutney caught up and offered to cook Oak Leaf a tasty meal – made from vegetables that needed sunshine to grow. Finally Oak Leaf agreed, and taught all of them a rhyme that would make the trees turn back into acorns.



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