My Little Pony: Magic is Everywhere

Friendship on Ice

A new friend tries to break the ponies apart.

While at Flying Camp, Lily Love and Spring Bounce were bested in every sport by a popular pony named Raspberry Ice. Raspberry Ice was too busy preening for her coterie of friends to notice them.

After camp was over, the girls headed over to their favorite field to play, but Raspberry Ice, who was wearing a new bracelet, met them along the way and invited them to play somewhere else. They played until it was time to go home, and there was no time left to go and visit Oak Leaf. This happened several times, until finally the girls put their hoof down and insisted that they invite Oak Leaf to play.

Raspberry Ice reluctantly agreed, and they all went to play soccer together. During the game, Raspberry Ice hurt Oak Leaf several times with the ball. Lily Love and Spring Bounce asked her to stop, and she pretended to be hurt by their accusations. Oak Leaf decided to go home early.

The next day, Pinky Pie threw a party and invited everypony in Ponyville. Mr. Chutney had been busy getting treats ready, and was glad to see the girls again. Lily Love made Oak Leaf a treehouse out of treats, but Raspberry Ice made fun of it. Soon all of Raspberry Ice’s friends were making fun of Oak Leaf for living in a tree. Lily Love insisted they stop, but Oak Leaf went home early once again.

The next day, Raspberry Ice confronted the girls and tried to cast a spell on them to make them forget about Oak Leaf. The spell worked on Lily Love for a while, but then Spring Bounce used her magic to help her remember. When the spell was broken, the bracelet around Raspberry Ice’s hoof broke, and she wandered away, confused about what she had been doing.

Mr. Chutney baked the broken bracelet inside a loaf of bread where it couldn’t harm anypony, and took it for Twilight Sparkle to study.



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